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Possible Incident Causes

There wasn't a finger left that wasn't pointing at someone else after the Deepwater Horizon exploded. The main culprit was undoubtedly BP, but BP also had a lot of blaming to do. They cited three major causes that likely contributed to the explosion and ensuing spill. The first possible cause was the failure of the blowout preventer system. These types of systems are typically in place to stop the flow of oil in the event of an accident. Obviously, the blowout preventer did not function as it should have in this case. Halliburton, the company responsible for the cementing, was also blamed for partial fault in the spill. The sealing process may have left weak points which may have caused the failure. Cementing flaws are commonly the cause of oil well blowouts. One of the last major possible causes of the blowout is said to have been methane pockets which may have been the natural cause. To read more about the major causes of the incident, click on the links provided below.

Possible Incident Causes
Blowout Preventer (BOP)
Cementing Process
Methane Pockets
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